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American Bandstand (1960 - '71)

Ike & Tina Turner - American Bandstand - TV

American Bandstand was an American music and dance television program from 1952 until 1989, hosted by Dick Clark. It featured teenagers dancing to Top 40 music with at least one popular musical act would usually appear in person to lip-sync one of their latest hits. Ike & Tina Turner have been five times guests in the show over a period of 11 years to promote their latest singles. The first appearance was in 1960 with their first chart hit A Fool In Love and the last one was in 1971 with their mega-seller Proud Mary. At least at the show in 1967, Tina was solo in the studio, without the Revue.

    October 03, 1960
  1. A Fool In Love
    January 18, 1962
  1. Poor Fool
    May 01, 1965
  1. I'm Blue (The Gong Gong Song)
  2. Performed by The Ikettes
    May 08, 1965
  1. I Can't Believe What You Say
    July 01, 1967
  1. I'll Never Need More Than This
  2. Interview (with Dick Clark)
    January 16, 1971
  1. Workin' Together
  2. Proud Mary

  3. All songs were performed lip-synced

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