TINA: Photographer

Johnny Rozsa

Ike Turner - Johnny Rozsa - Photographer

Thank you for introducing me to Nichiren Buddhism in 1982 when I shot this photograph of you on that glorious day in my studio in LA. One of my heroes / Copyright by Johnny Rozsa

Johnny Rozsa is a New York-based photographer, specialised in fashion, portrait, and celebrity photography. He photographed celebrities such as Hugh Grant, Halle Berry, Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, Natasha Richardson, Sade, and Tina Turner, and his photographs appeared in magazines including Vogue, New York Times, People, The Face and Ritz. In 2010 he published the book Untouched, featuring unretouched photos of 115 now world-famous celebrities. Rozsa was introduced to Buddhism by Tina Turner in 1982, and has been a Nichiren Buddhist since then.