Let’s Stay Together (1983)

Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together - Single

Let’s Stay Together is a soul song originally from Al Green and the first single after Tina got a new recording contract from Capitol Records. It was produced by Martyn Ware and Greg Walsh, the same team behind the previously released single Ball Of Confusion. The b-side track „I Wrote A Letter“ is a previously unreleased song, which was already recorded and produced by John Carter in 1982. The single was a big hit in Europe and became the best selling 12“ record in America in 1984. Tina promoted it at several tv shows and performed it live at every concert tour. Live versions are available on the album Live In Europe from 1988 and TINA Live from 2009. The American release of the single reversed the front and back cover pictures, which were photographed by Norman Seeff.

Writer: Al Green, Willie Mitchel, Al Jackson Jr.
Producer: Martyn Ware, Greg Walsh
Photographer: Norman Seeff
Release: November 1983 (Europe) / January 1984 (USA)
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl (picture), Cassette
Charts: UK: #6 / Germany: #18 / USA: #26 (pop), #1 (club play)
Certifications: UK: 1x Silver
Grammy: Best R&B Vocal Performance (Nomination 1985)

7“ Vinyl Single
  1. Let’s Stay Together (Edit) 3:39
  2. Written by Al Green, Willie Mitchel, Al Jackson Jr. / Produced and Arranged by Martyn Ware, Greg Walsh
  3. I Wrote A Letter (Previously Unreleased) 3:25
  4. Written by Inga Rumpf / Produced by John Carter
12“ Vinyl Maxi
  1. Let’s Stay Together (Full Length Version) 5:16
  2. I Wrote A Letter (Previously Unreleased) 3:25
  1. Let’s Stay Together 9:27
  2. Hot Tracks: Instrumental by Zino / Synthesizers by Brian Soares
  3. Let’s Stay Together (Extended Edit) 7:31
  4. Disconet
Billboard Review

January 1984

Turner's extraordinary energy cushioned by Heaven 17-style arrangements; just off the U.K. Top 10 is indeed released domestically, and a 12-inch is already available at retail. The 5:14 version has a longer lead-out and is backed by a stinging, danceable rocker „I Wrote A Letter“. Turner's nearly completed album is scheduled for April release.

Billboard Review

March 24, 1984

That nonetheless makes it the first national No. 1 (maxi single sales) hit of Turner’s 24-year chart career. The highest she’s ever climed on the pop chart is number four (with 1971's „Proud Mary“); the highest she’s been on the black chart is number two (with 1960’s „A Fool In Love“ and 1961’s „It's Gonna Work Out Fine“). All of these records were duets with Ike Turner, from whom Tina was separated eight years ago.


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Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - SingleTina Turner - Let's Stay Together - Single
Music Video

The music video was filmed in October 1983 in London. It shows Tina first alone, standing in a spotlight, with the same mini dress as on the back cover of the European single. Later, her female dancers Ann Behringer and Lejune Richardson accompany and dance with her and we see male drummers in the background in white suits. In the second scene, Tina wears the black leather dress as on the front cover of the European single, with fire in the background. The clip was originally released on the Private Dancer EP on VHS, but is also available on the Simply The Best video collection on DVD.

Director: David Mallet
Producer: Pam James
Home VideoSimply The Best (DVD)
Time: 3:38

Tina Turner - Let's Stay Together - Music Video

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