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Life (1970 - 1992)

Tina Turner - Life - Magazine

Issue from September 1985

Life was a monthly general-interest American magazine from 1883 until 2000. It’s known for the quality of its photography. Tina Turner was four times on the cover of the magazine with a homestory, an article about USA for Africa, Live Aid and a special about 40 years of Rock & Roll.

Issue: December 1992
Story: 40 Years Of Rock & Roll
Language: English

Issue: September 1985
Pages: 1
Photographer: Gregory Heisler
Story: Live Aid: A Collector's Album With Exclusive Photos / Tina & Mick Jagger on the cover
Language: English

Issue: August 1985
Pages: 5
Story: An Exclusive Visit At Home With Tina Turner
Language: English

Issue: April 1985
Pages: 11
Story: Exclusive Pictures: Historic Songfest For Africa
Language: English

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