The Lion King Collection is a compilation album with songs from and inspired by The Lion King movies. Tina contributed the track „He Lives in You,“ which was originally released from Lebo M. on the album „Rhythm of the Pride Lands“ in 1995. The song features English lyrics mixed with some Zulu lyrics, including „Ingonyama nengw enamabala“ (The royal lion wears his leopard spots) and the background lyrics of „Hela hm Mamela“. The Lion King Collection was released in 1999 from edel Records on compact disc.

Tina Turner - The Lion King Collection - Album

Front Cover

He Lives In You 4:44

Lyrics and music by Lebo M, Mark Mancina and Jay Rifkin / Produced by Garry Hughes for Sarm Management / Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge

Recorded at Eden and Metropolis Studios London and Greenwood studios Nunhingen
Recording engineers Donal '24 bit' Hodgson and Phil Bodger
Mixed at Metropolis by Steven Fitzmorris
Guitars by David Rainger
Keyboards and programming by Paul Taylor and Garry Hughes
Percussion by Miles Bould
Strings arranged by Andrew T. Mackay
Backing vocals by Miriam Stockley and Lance Ellington 


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Tina Turner - The Lion King Collection - Album

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