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Musikexpress Sounds (1984 - 1993)

Tina Turner - Musikexpress Sounds - Magazine

Issue No. 9 / September 1989

Musikexpress Sounds is a monthly German magazine, which mainly covers rock and pop music, reviews of recordings and concert reports. Tina Turner was six times on the cover of the magazine.

Issue: October 1984
Pages: 5
Writer: Gert Gliniorz
Story: Special Story: Soul Survivor

Issue: March 1985
Pages: 4
Interview: Bernd Gockel
Photographer: N. Seef, B. Aris
Story: Shadows of the past - Scenes of a marriage

Issue: November 1986
Pages: 4
Interview: Bernd Gockel
Story: Farewell from the stage

Issue: April 1987
Pages: 3
Writer: Bernd Gockel
Story: Roger Davies: The Man Behind Tina Turner

Issue: September 1989
Pages: 4
Interview: Peter Jebsen
Story: Rock & Retirement

Issue: July 1993
Pages: 5
Interview: Geoff Baker
Story: Hello...Goodbye

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