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Newsweek (1993)

Tina Turner - Newsweek - Magazine

Issue from July 05, 1993

Newsweek is a weekly American online news magazine, founded as a weekly print magazine in 1933. Tina Turner was on the cover in July 1993 with the title story: Rock On - Why Tina, Rod, Clapton, the Dead, Simon, McCartney, Mick, Keith, Bonnie, Aretha, Townshend and Aerosmith Still Light Our Fire.

Rock of Ages: Why Old Stars Are Bigger Than Ever! They are grandmas, they are grandpas, they need bifocals to know what to play next. Time may be on the side of yesterday's rock-and-roll icons, still performing for the aging baby boomers while a new generation of kids discovers them. Tina Turner, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart - now forty and fifty-somethings - are as popular as ever. Forget 'Jurassic Park': the true amazing dinosaurs are coming soon to a hockey arena near you.

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