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Nicola Dill

Tina Turner - Nicola Dill - Photographer

Nicola Dill was born in Hamburg, Germany and studied in the History of Art and Ethnology program before she moved to New York to study Photography. For many years of her professional career she primarily focused on portrait work for the entertainment industry, including Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Joni Mitchell, and many others, published globally in magazines like Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and New York Times, among others. In March 1993, she photographed Tina Turner in Los Angeles, CA for a cover story of Essence magazine about the biographical film What’s Love Got To Do With It.

Nicola about Tina Turner:

„The way she turned her life around, her courage, her music are an inspiration. I feel honored to have known her. What a cherished memory it is to have met her, to photograph her, to have experienced her vivacious personality - moreover to have heard her burst out singing for our small team during this photo shoot. She talked about living in Cologne at that time. She spoke of her German boyfriend, Erwin Bach, and of the butterflies she felt when seeing him.“

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