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Open Arms (2004)

Tina Turner - Open Arms - Single

Open Arms was the first single from Tina’s greatest hits compilation All The Best in Europe and a promo record in America, featuring backing vocals from KT Tunstall and Estelle. The enhanced interview footage from the CD single is a promotion interview for the All The Best album in which Tina speaks about the album tracks. Tina performed the song live at several TV-Shows but produced no music video. The live performance from Parkinson on October 23, 2004 was released as a bonus on the All The Best home video in 2005.

Writer: Ben Barsen, Martin Brammer, Colette Van Sertima
Producer: Jimmy Hogarth
Photographer: Paul Cox
Design: Jeri Heiden for SMOG Design Inc.
Release: October 2004 (Europe) / February 2005 (USA)
Label: Capitol (USA) / Parlophone (Europe)
Format: 5“ CD / Digital
Charts: UK: #25 / Germany: #33 / USA: #15 (A/C)
AlbumAll The Best

Tina Single-Open-Arms-Logo

CD 1

  1. Open Arms 4:03
  2. Written by Ben Barsen, Martin Brammer, Collette Van Sertima / Produced by Jimmy Hogarth

CD 2

  1. Open Arms 4:03
  2. The Best (Edit) 4:09
  3. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Dan Hartman, Tina Turner, Chris Lord-Alge

CD 3

  1. Open Arms 4:03
  2. Great Spirits 3:57
  3. Written by Phil Collins / Produced by Phil Collins, Mark Mancina, Chris Montan
  4. Cose Della Vita (Tina & Eros Ramazzotti) 4:52
  5. Written by Piero Cassano / Produced by Eros Ramazzotti
  6. All The Best (Enhanced Interview Footage) 23:42
  7. Authored by Abbey Road Interactive


  1. Open Arms (Urban Remix) 4:24
Tina Turner - Open Arms - Single

Billboard - January 29, 2005

For Tina Turner’s latest greatest-hits compilation „All the Best“ (due Feb. 1), the pop/R&B legend recorded three new songs including first single „Open Arms“. No, it’s not a cover of the Journey hit, but it is a by-the-numbers midtempo track that aims to uplift with its „your friend is here, right by your side“ message. It’s too bad the song is saddled with cliched lyrics like „Ask me no questions / I’ll tell you no lies“ and „Then the tables turned / A lesson I’ve had to learn“. Still, Turner’s voice is always a treat to hear. Though she remains in solid form, the song itself is just so-so. We’re far more interested in another new tune from „All the Best“: the engrossing, haunting rock track „Complicated Disaster“. In other words, when it comes to the second single, make it this one.

Tina Turner - Open Arms - Single

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