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Oprah's Supersoul Conversations (2018)

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Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations premiered on August 06, 2017, featuring interviews pulled from the Super Soul Sunday television show and new conversations recorded exclusively for a podcast, featuring guests such as Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts and Jimmy Kimmel.

In October 2018, Oprah talks with icon, legend and survivor Tina Turner about her new book, My Love Story, and the upcoming Broadway musical based on her life, TINA - The Tina Turner Musical. In this two-part podcast, Tina reveals that she has privately suffered several life-threatening illnesses over the past five years. She explains how the health scares caused her to look back and reflect on her six-decade career, and how her faith in Buddhism and the love of her life, husband Erwin Bach, helped her through these difficult times. Tina also opens up about her explosive marriage to the late Ike Turner, her strained relationship with her mother and the devastating suicide of her eldest son, Craig.

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