TINA: Photographer

Peggy Sirota

Tina Turner - Peggy Sirota - Photographer

Cover shooting for 'Rolling Stone' magazine in 1997

Peggy Sirota is an American photographer who taught herself how to use a camera while working at Fred Segal in Hollywood. When she started taking headshots for her actor and model coworkers, a career as a photographer was born. In the 30 years since then, Peggy has photographed some of the most famous personalities in the world and her portraits have graced the covers of Vanity Fair, Esquire, Rolling StoneVogue and many others. In 1994 she started also directing television commercials.

The Rolling Stone magazine 'Women of Rock' issue from November 13, 1997 featured Madonna, Courtney Love and Tina Turner with a photo from Peggy Sirota on it’s cover:

„I think I can speak for all of us that were lucky enough to have worked on this historic cover!! 3 ICONS in the house, excitement and nervous energy filled the studio…pinch yourself feelings!!! At times it felt chaotic and like we were in this ‘coordination pressure cooker’ hoping to have everyone ready at the same time. Tina was the calm in the storm, she was relaxed, incredibly humble, respectful of everyone, she was beautiful, and so happy to be there, she was full of life and love…a really exceptional person! We had star studded glam and wardrobe teams and I’ll always remember the wall to wall racks of clothes ( literally like a department store ) I can’t even explain the feeling of anxiety and anticipation I felt for the four to five hours of wait time til they were all ready. I’m pretty sure the 3 women didn’t see each other until they walked in front of the camera. That moment was magic!!!“

Tina about working with Madonna and Courtney:

„It was like working with kids. You know I’ve always had Ikettes for dancers, so they were pretending a few times that they were my dancers. They had all kinds of pretence going on, but it was always built around me being the mother of the two in some kind of way. In terms of ‘Tina is this and we are that,’ and I was laughing the whole time, honestly. If the photograph comes out with me really laughing seriously, it was because of their reaction to each other. It was wonderful.“

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