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Pelo (1976 - 1988)

Tina Turner - Pelo - Magazine

Issue from 1986

Pelo was an Argentinian music magazine, founded in 1970 and published also in many other Spanish speaking countries in South America. Tina Turner was featured many times in the magazine and five times on the cover.

Muchas gracias por el fantástico trabajo del Archivo Historico Digital de la revista Pelo!

Issue: No. 308 / January, 1988
Pages: 17
Story: Fiesta Negra En River (Black Party In River) / Discography
Language: Spanish

Issue: No. 304 / November, 1987
Pages: 1
Story: En Enero En Argentina (January in Argentina)
Language: Spanish

Issue: No. 280 / December, 1986
Pages: 2
PhotographerHerb Ritts
: Rompe Todas Las Reglas (Break Every Rule)
Language: Spanish

Issue: No. 220 / August, 1984
Pages: 3
Story: Como Sera El Regreso De La Reina Acida (How the return of the Acid Queen will look like)
Language: Spanish

Issue: No. 73 / May, 1976
Pages: 2
Story: La Reina Acida (Acid Queen)
Language: Spanish

Tina Turner - Pelo - Magazine

Issue from 1984, 1976 & 1988

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