Private Dancer (1985)

Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Tour

Because of the massive success of the album Private Dancer and it’s singles, Tina went on the road again in 1985 with this tour. After playing at small venues in 1984 that had been booked before her big comeback, this tour continues in large, sold-out arenas all over the world.

The setlist was different in Europe and the rest of the world, because in the meantime the soundtrack for the movie Mad Max was released and Tina performed also her new hit single We Don’t Need Another Hero and the second new song One Of The Living live. Also the tourbooks are different, because the European edition contains almost pictures from her 1984 World Tour.

Parts of the concert at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England on March 23, 1985 were released on home video later that year, which includes special appearances by Bryan Adams and David Bowie. Bryan was also the opening act in Europe and performed at most of the concerts It’s Only Love together with Tina. As a special encore song, she choose „Dancing In The Dark“ from Bruce Springsteen.

Opening Night: February 19, 1985 / Helsinki (Finland)
Closing Night: December 28, 1985 / Tokyo (Japan)
Regions: Europe, North America, Japan, Australia
Home VideoPrivate Dancer Tour (1985)

Setlist (Europe)
  1. Let’s Pretend We’re Married
  2. Show Some Respect
  3. I Might Have Been Queen
  4. River Deep, Mountain High
  5. Nutbush City Limits
  6. What’s Love Got To Do With It
  7. I Can’t Stand The Rain
  8. Better Be Good To Me
  9. Private Dancer
  10. Let’s Stay Together
  11. Help
  12. Proud Mary
  13. Steel Claw
  14. It’s Only Love
  15. Tina & Bryan Adams while he was opening act
  16. Legs
  17. Tonight
  18. Tina & David Bowie in Birmingham only
  19. Let’s Dance
  20. Tina & David Bowie in Birmingham only
  21. Dancing In The Dark
  22. Out Of Time
  23. Only at opening night in Helsinki
The Band

Jack Bruno: Drums / Timmy Cappello: Saxophone & Keyboards / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar & Vocals / Jimmy Lyon: Guitar / Kenny Moore: Piano & Vocals / James Ralston: Guitar & Vocals

Setlist (North America, Japan, Australia)
  1. Show Some Respect
  2. I Might Have Been Queen
  3. River Deep, Mountain High
  4. Nutbush City Limits
  5. I Can’t Stand The Rain
  6. Better Be Good To Me
  7. Private Dancer
  8. One Of The Living
  9. We Don't Need Another Hero
  10. What’s Love Got To Do With It
  11. Let’s Stay Together
  12. Help
  13. Proud Mary
  14. Steel Claw
  15. Let’s Dance
  16. Legs
  17. Dancing In The Dark
Tina Turner - Private Dancer - Tour

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