IKE & TINA: Album (Remix)

Ain’t Nobody’s Business (2005)

Ike & Tina Turner - Reworked Versions (Ain't Nobody's Business) - Album

Ain’t Nobody’s Business is a digital sampler with reworked versions of some Ike & Tina Turner songs and many previously unreleased tracks. It features with „Take A Little Pain“ also one song from Tina solo, which she performed live at the Tom Jones Show in 1981 as well as one track from the Tina Turner solo album Tina Turns The Country On. Some of them were already previously released on some sampler like 40 Rare Recordings in different versions. All tracks are remixed.

Release: 2005
Label: Carinco
Format: Digital

  1. Ain't Nobody's Business 3:19
  2. Written: Ike Turner / Originally released on the album 'So Fine'
  3. Jo Jo 3:26
  4. Previously unreleased track
  5. There’s Nothing I Wouldn’t Do 3:29
  6. Previously unreleased track
  7. Please Leave Me Alone 3:32
  8. Previously unreleased track
  9. You Paid Me Back 4:12
  10. Previously unreleased track
  11. You Got What You Wanted 4:04
  12. Written: Wayne Carson Thompson / Originally released as a single
  13. Take A Little Pain 3:17
  14. Written: Eddy Armani / Previously unreleased track / Tina solo
  15. Why Oh Why 3:46
  16. Written: Charles Rich / Originally released on the 'Tell Her I’m Not Home' single b-side
  17. Give It To Me 3:45
  18. Previously unreleased track
  19. I Gotta Man 3:16
  20. Previously unreleased track

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