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Teach Me Again (2006)

Tina Turner & Elisa - Teach Me Again - Single

Teach Me Again is a duet with the Italian singer Elisa, taken from the soundtrack of the anthology movie All The Invisible Children. It’s a collection of seven short films about childhood and exploitation, each focused on a different child. All revenues of the single sales went to the „All The Invisible“ fund, in favor of UNICEF. It's the very last official physical single from Tina Turner and was not released in America. The cover picture was taken from the music video.

Photographer: Philipe Antonello
Release: March 2006
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 5“ CD / Digital
Charts: Italy: #1 / Europe: #20 / Germany: #43

  1. Teach Me Again (Tina & Elisa) 4:33
  2. Writer: Elisa Toffoli, Ali Soleimani Noari / Producer: Elisa / Drums: Charlie Paxson / Bass: Jason Newsted / Electric Guitars: Enrique Gonzalez Müller, Ali Soleimani, Elisa / Acoustic Guitar: Enrique Gonzalez Müller / Additional Guitars: Corrado Rustici / Keyboards: Roger Manning, Elisa / Tambourine: James Willetts / Mixed by David Frazer at Mulino Recording, Italy / Recorded at Fantasy Studios, California and NJP Studios, Zürich
  3. Teach Me Again (Instrumental) 4:33
  4. Teach Me Again (Elisas Version) 4:33
  5. Teach Me Again (Music Video) 4:33
Tina Turner & Elisa - Teach Me Again - Single

The music video was filmed in a dark room, where Tina leans against a piano. While both women look at each other, they sing the song together and Elisa plays the piano. In between, scenes from the movie are shown. A very hard to find promo video features „A Look Inside“ with footage of Tina and Elisa filming the music video. This is the very last music video from Tina Turner. It was released as a bonus on the All The Invisible Children home video and on the Elisa Sound Track video collection.

Director: Stefano Veneruso
Cinematographer: Vittorio Storaro
Editing: Patrizio Marone
Release: All The Invisible Children / Elisa Sound Track
Time: 4:37

Tina Turner & Elisa - Teach Me Again - Video

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