Tears To Triumph (1994)

Tina Turner - Tears To Triumph - Promo

Tears To Triumph from Touchstone Pictures was a free home video rental, featuring interviews with Tina, Roger Davies and a look behind the scenes with Angela Bassett & Laurence Fishburne. It features also an alternate video for the hit single I Don’t Wanna Fight, produced and directed by John Pattyson. It was released along with the home video release of the movie What’s Love Got To Do With It about Tina’s life story.

Producer: John Pattyson, Michael Meadows
: 1994
Label: Touchstone
Format: VHS
Time: 25 Min.
MovieWhat’s Love Got To Do With It

Tears To Triumph

Producer & Director: John Pattyson, Michael Meadows / Time: 25 Min.

  1. Behind The Scenes - Up Close with Tina Turner!
  2. Chat with one of rock’s greatest performers ever! See Tina teach actress Angela Basset (Boyz N Hood, Malcom X) how to dance and transform herself into Tina Turner for the role of a lifetime.
  3. Tina Rocks!
  4. Legendary Rock’n Roll singer Tina Turner performs „I Don’t Wanna Fight“ - her #1 hit music video!
  5. Sizzling Preview!
  6. The exciting trailer from „What’s Love Got To Do With It“ - the triumphant true life story of Tina Turner!
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Tina Turner - Tears To Triumph - PromoTina Turner - Tears To Triumph - Promo

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