TINA: Single (Special Release)

The Best - Grand Final Edition (1993)

Tina Turner - The Best (Grand Final Edition) - Single

The Best was originally released in 1989 as the lead single from the album Foreign Affair. The song became the theme tune for the New South Wales Rugby League in Australia in the early 90’s, promoted from Tina several times with TV commercials and two exclusive releases with this Grand Final Edition, available as a basic edition, a collectors edition with a gatefold cover and a numbered edtion limited to 3.000 copies and the Winfield Cup Edition from 1990. Tina performed The Best also on stage at the Grand Final in Sydney's football stadium on September 26, together with her saxophonist Timmy Cappello. After the match, she presented the victor's trophy to Allan Langer and joined in Brisbane's post-game victory song. The following weeks, Tina continued performing with concerts of her What’s Love? Tour in Australia and New Zealand.

Writer: Holly Knight, Mike Chapman
Producer: Dan Hartman, Tina Turner
Remix: John Luongo
Release: September 1993
Label: Festival
Format: 5“ CD / Cassette 

  1. The Best (Edit) 4:11
  2. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix) 6:36
  3. The Best (Single Muscle Mix) 4:16
  4. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix) 5:29
Tina Turner - The Best (Grand Final Edition) - SingleTina Turner - The Best (Grand Final Edition) - Single

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