TINA: Book (Biography)

Tina! (1986)

Tina Turner - Tina! (Steven Ivory) - Book

Through Tina! you will discover: The details of one of the most triumphant comebacks in the histoy of pop music. How her early career and marriage influenced her current stardon. How she feels about being labelled as a sex symbol. How she left superstar Lionel Richie wringing wet - and begging for more. Why she is considered rock roalty by rock’s elite, Mick Jagger and Rod Stewart among them. How beauty regimen and secrets to her fabulous good looks. The Tina Turner persona - it’s style and spirit - and the motivating factors behind it.

Writer: Steven Ivory
Release: 1986
Publisher: Putnam Pub. Group
Pages: 189
Format: Paperback
Language: English

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