TINA: Musical

The TINA Turner Musical (2018 - 2025)

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical is presented in association with Tina Turner herself and reveals the untold story of a woman who dared to defy the bounds of her age, gender and race. From humble beginnings in Nutbush to her transformation into the global Queen of Rock'n Roll, Tina Turner didn't just break the rules, she rewrote them.

The musical was basically the idea of Tina's husband Erwin Bach and the project began in 2015, as Tina first met the Dutch producer Joop van den Ende in The Netherlands. One year later on December 16, Tina was in London for the first workshop presentation of the show. In 2017, at the launch party in October, she introduced Adrienne Warren for the role as Tina Turner. To promote the musical, she was also guest at the Jonathan Ross Show on October 28 with her first full length interview in years.

The musical received it's world premiere on April 17, 2018 at London’s Aldwych Theatre, attended by Tina Turner together with her husband Erwin and many celebrities. It subsequently has broken all box office records in the West End. After one year of sold out shows, a new cast was introduced on April 15, 2019 with Nkeki Obi-Melekwe playing the role of Tina, while Adrienne Warren recreated her celebrated performance in New York on Broadway with the premiere on November 07 in attendance of Tina, her husband and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopie Goldberg. At the end of the show, Tina thanked everybody on stage, which is Tina Turner's last public appearance to say 'goodbye' to all her fans.

The German version started in 2019 in Hamburg, after Tina presented Kristina Love at the launch party on October 23, 2018 at the Mojo Club. Kristina also visited Tina in her Swiss home in November and was surprised by her singing „Happy Birthday“. At the end of the premiere performance at the Stage Operettenhaus on March 05, 2019, Tina appeared on stage with the entire cast. After four years in Hamburg, the musical relocated to the Stage Palladium Theater in Stuttgart in 2023.

The Dutch version opened at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht with Nyassa Alberta, who played before the role of Tina in the German version as an alternate of Kristina Love. Opening night was on February 09, 2020, but unfortunately without the attandance of Tina herself. One year later, the Spanish version opened at the Teatro Coliseum in Madrid with Kerry Sankoh in the main role.

The Broadway production had it’s last show in August 2022, because the musical goes on a multi-year North American Tour, which launched at the Providence Performing Arts Center in September, performing more than 500 dates at least until autumn 2024 in all major cities in the U.S. and Canada.

In 2023, the musical came also to Australia where it smashes box office records in the pre-sale period. It sold more tickets than any other show at Theatre Royal in Sydney since it reopened. In 2024, the musical goes on tour also in Australia, starting with first performances in Perth.

Writer: Katori Hall
Director: Phyllida Lloyd
Producer: Tali Pelman
Choreographer: Anthony van Laast
Orchestration: Ethan Popp

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical
    Act I
  1. Etherland / Sound of Mystic Law
  2. Nutbush City Limits
  3. Don't Turn Around
  4. Dutch: 'Draai Je Niet Om' / German: 'Schau Nur Nach Vorn'
  5. Shake A Tail Feather
  6. The Hunter
  7. Only in 2018 / 2019
  8. Rocket 88 / Matchbox
  9. Since the Broadway show
  10. She Made My Blood Run Cold
  11. Since the Broadway show
  12. It's Gonna Work Out Fine
  13. Dutch: 'Dat Het Wel Goed Zaal Gan' / German: 'Wir Kriegen Das Schon Hin'
  14. A Fool In Love
  15. Let's Stay Together
  16. Dutch: 'Blijf In Mijn Lefen' / German: 'Lass Uns Zwei Eins Sein'
  17. Better Be Good To Me
  18. Dutch: 'Wees Liever Mar Goed Vor Mij' / German: 'Sei Gut Zu Mir'
  19. I Want To Take You Higher
  20. River Deep, Mountain High
  21. Be Tender With Me Baby
  22. Dutch: 'Blijf Voor Me Voelen' / German: 'Verzeih Mir Nochmal, Baby'
  23. Proud Mary
  24. I Don't Wanna Fight
  25. Dutch: "Ik Wil Geen Ruzie Mer' / German: 'Ich Kann Einfach Nicht Mehr Streiten'
    Act II
  1. Private Dancer
  2. Dutch: 'Ik Zaal Voor Je Dansen' / German: 'Ich Werd Weiter Tanzen'
  3. Disco Inferno
  4. Open Arms
  5. Dutch: 'Armen Wijd' / German: 'Mit Offenen Armen'
  6. I Can't Stand The Rain
  7. Dutch: 'Regen Op Mijn Ruid' / German: 'Regen Fällt Wie Blei'
  8. Tonight
  9. Dutch: 'Vannacht' / German: 'Heut Nacht'
  10. What's Love Got To Do With It
  11. Dutch: 'Denk Niet Dat Het Liefde Is'
  12. We Don't Need Another Hero
  13. Dutch: 'Helden' / German: 'Wir Wollen Keine Neuen Helden'
  14. The Best
  15. Finale: Nutbush City Limits / Proud Mary

London (UK)
Venue: Aldwych Theatre
Opening Night: April 17, 2018
Cast: Karis Anderson, Elesha Paul Moses, Kristina Love, Aisha Jawando, Chanel Haynes, Adrienne Warren, Nkeki Obi-Melekwe (Tina) / Okezie Morro, Kaleb Roberts, Jammy Kasongo, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Ashley Zhangazha (Ike)

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical - London (Cast)

Photos by Craig Sugden, Johan Persson

Hamburg (Germany)
Venue: Stage Operettenhaus
Opening Night: March 05, 2019
Closing Night: August 18, 2022
Cast: Kristina Love, Aisata Blackman (Tina) / Gino Emnes, Dinipiri Etebu (Ike)

TINA - Das Tina Turner Musical (Hamburg, Germany)

New York, Broadway (USA)
Venue: Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
Opening Night: November 07, 2019
Closing Night: August 14, 2022
Cast: Nkeki Obi-Melekwe, Kayla Davion, Adrienne Warren (Tina) / Daniel J. Watts (Ike)

TINA - The Tina Turner Musical (Cast)

Images by Walter McBride, WireImage / Bruce Glikas, Filmagic

Utrecht (Netherlands)
Venue: Beatrix Theater
Opening Night: February 09, 2020
Closing Night: February 19, 2023
Cast: Nyassa Alberta, Nurlaila Karim (Tina) / Juneoer Mers, Gino Emnes (Ike)

Madrid (Spain)
Venue: Teatro Coliseum
Opening Night: October 01, 2021
Closing Night: January 08, 2023
Cast: Kery Sankoh, Luna Manzanares, Astrid Jones (Tina) / Rone Reinoso, Jefry Xander (Ike)

Musical On Tour
Region: North America, Australia
Opening Night: September 11, 2022 (Providence, USA) / February 27, 2024 (Perth, Australia)
Cast: North America: Naomi Rodgers, Zurin Villanueva (Tina) / Garrett Turner (Ike)

Stuttgart (Germany)
Venue: Stage Apollo Theater
Opening Night: March 16, 2023
Cast: Aisata Blackman (Tina) / Carlos de Vries (Ike)

Sydney (Australia)
Venue: Theatre Royal
Opening Night: May 2023
Closing Night: January 21, 2024
: Ruva Ngwenya, Jochebel Ohene McCarthy (Tina) / Tim Omaji (Ike)

„I asked myself what’s next? I knew I was finished with stage performance - all of me had changed. But this is big and in order to make it as good as possible I must be involved“.

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