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Tina Turner (1988)

Tina Turner (Andres Rodriguez) - Book

Before becoming the „Acid Queen“ at Tommy, back in 1974, Tina Turner, with the support of her then husband Ike Turner and the Ikettes, was one of the great figures of rhythm & blues. But perhaps the most striking and brilliant thing, apart from her wild voice attack, is his movement on stage. The years have passed, but now in the 80s, she is still the great, overwhelming figure of the scene. One of the most celebrated, adored and desired woman of pop. Andrés Rodriguez, a journalist specialised in music, develops all the facets of this brilliant performer in depth and in the most attractive way possible.

Written: Andres Rodriguez
Release: 1988
Publisher: Ediciones Cátedra S.A.
Pages: 159
Format: Paperback
Language: Spanish

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