TINA: Guest (Movie / Video / Album)

Tommy (1975)

Tina Turner - Tommy - Movie, Soundtrack, Video

Tommy is a British rock opera movie from 1975, based upon The Who's 1969 „Tommy“ album. It features a star-studded cast, including the band members themselves, Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Arthur Brown and Jack Nicholson. Tina Turner plays the „Acid Queen,“ a prostitute dealing in LSD, who sends Tommy on a wild trip. In addition to the movie, Tina recorded also the song Acid Queen for the soundtrack album and released a re-recorded version as a single in 1976, taken from her Acid Queen solo album.

Director: Ken Russell
Producer: Ken Russell, Robert Stigwood
Release: March 1975 (movie) / 1982 (video) / 1994 (laserdisc) / 1999 (dvd) / 2010 (blu-ray)
Label: Columbia
Format: Album: Vinyl / Cassette / CD / Video: VHS / Beta / LaserDisc / DVD / Blu-ray

  1. Acid Queen (Soundtrack Version) 3:49
  2. Acid Queen (Movie Version) 8:56
  3. Written by Pete Townsend / Produced by Robert Stigwood, Ken Russell