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Tonight He’s Yours (1982)

Tina Turner & Rod Stewart - Tonight He's Yours - Video

Tonight He’s Yours is a home video from Rod Stewart, recorded at the Forum in Los Angeles on December 19, 1981 with special guest star Tina Turner. She performed two songs togther with Rod as well as the encore song „Stay With Me“ together with Rod and Kim Carnes. This song is available separately on the album Absolutely Live. The track Hot Legs was also released on the DVD „Love Me Or Leave Me“.

Producer: Bruce Gowers
Release: 1982
Label: Embassy
Format: VHS / Beta / LaserDisc

  1. Get Back (Live Tina & Rod Stewart) 4:36
  2. Written by Paul McCartney, John Lennon
  3. Hot Legs (Live Tina & Rod Stewart) 5:00
  4. Written by Gary Grainger, Rod Stewart
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