Twenty Four Seven - 5 Track Album Sampler is a promotion sampler with selected songs from Tina’s last studio album Twenty Four Seven. The promo comes in a gatefold cardboard sleeve with the same cover picture as the regular album. The 5 Track Album Sampler was released in 1999 from Parlophone Records in Europe on compact disc.

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Promo

CD Promo - Front Cover

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Promo

CD Promo - Label

1. When The Heartache Is Over 3:44

Written by Graham Stack and John Reid

2. Whatever You Need 4:49

Written by Harriet Roberts and Russell Courtenay

3. Don’t Leave Me This Way 4:20

Written by Paul Barry, Mark Taylor and Brian Rawling

4. Twenty Four Seven 3:48

Written by Terry Britten and Charlie Dore

5. Falling 4:22

Written by Tim Fraser and Sol Connoll

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Promo

Gatefold Cover

Twenty Four Seven

Tina Turner is back. With her trademark passion and a spread of delivery that would wear out wannabes a third her age, Tina Turner has completed a brand new studio album and will mark her big birthday with the best present that her fans could wish for. At the end of November, the most indestructible original voice in soul music celebrates six decades on planet earth, and while her contemporaries might be thinking of gentle retirement, Tina will be back in the thick of what she does (simply) the best.

Her new studio album Twenty Four Seven, will be released on February 1 by Virgin Records America, and sees Tina teaming up with some of the sharpest cutting-edge writers producers in contemporary pop and soul, as well as some of her favorite collaborators from previous projects. The album is introduced on October 18 by "When The Heartache Is Over," co-written by John Reid of the Nightcrawlers and Graham Stack and produced by Brian Rawling and Mark Taylor, the Metro team behind Chers multimillion success with "Believe." Within days of going to radio in September, the single became Europe's most-added track.

When you play these 11 new cuts and hear Tina at her full, familiar throttle, you realize no one's come close to usurping this particular soul queen since we last heard her on album in the spring of 1996 with Wildest Dreams. When you add a cast list that includes a cameo from Bryan Adams on "Without You," the never-before-recorded Bee Gees song "I Will Be There," and such seasoned talents as Terry Britten, Graham Lyle, Johnny Douglas and the Absolute production team, fame, you know that Tina's unique, high-octane soul testifying is ready for 2000 and beyond. "These are all great songs lyrically and they all sound like a modern version of gospel music," enthuses Tina. "I really enjoy the album on that level."

She lives these days in Switzerland, happy to lead a relaxed off duty life in her time away after the immense world tour that accompanied Wildest Dreams, but now energized by another new challenge. “I got a break from the music world. I always need to detox from the business,” she says. “But now l'm ready for it."

Twenty Four Seven was conceived after Tina's performance at VH-1’s Divas show this past spring, and came together with such speed and drive that manager Roger Davies was soon able to tell the label people - EMI around the world, Virgin in North America - to get the troops in training for a whole new Tina Turner album before the 20th century was out.

Flying back to London, she visited the Metro team at their south London HQ and was fired up by their energy and enthusiasm for creating old-fashioned, irresistible pop melodies. Singing along to their demos in the studio, the decision to go for an album was made there and then. Recording began in earnest in June and July, and no one wanted to miss the opportunity to get involved with a legend.


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Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Promo

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