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Two People (1986)

Tina Turner - Two People - Single

Two People is a slow ballad and the second single from the album Break Every Rule. Tina promoted the song at several TV-Shows in Europe and performed it live at her Break Every Rule Tour in 1987 /’88. A live version is available on the Live In Europe album from 1988. The previously unreleased b-side track „Havin A Party“ was originally written by Sam Cooke. As a special bonus, the UK single contains a poster and the gatefold maxi includes additional live songs. In 1988, some releases of the Live In Europe album included a limited edition 7“ vinyl or 5“ CD single with an previously unreleased „Tendermix,“ remixed by Ben Liebrand.

Writer: Terry Britten, Graham Lyle
Producer: Terry Britten
Release: October 1986 (Europe) / November 1986 (USA) / 1988 (Tender Mix)
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl (Poster) / 12“ Vinyl (Gatefold)
Charts: Germany: #10 / Europe: #13, #7 (Airplay) / USA: #30 / UK: #43
AlbumBreak Every Rule

  1. Two People 4:11
  2. From the 7" & 12" record
  3. Two People (Dance Mix) 8:30
  4. Two People (Dub Mix) 7:06
  5. From the 12" record
  6. Two People (Tender Mix) 7:22
  7. From the promotional 5" disc & 7" record / Remix by Ben Liebrand
    Additional tracks:
  1. Havin’ A Party 4:00
  2. Previously Unreleased / Written by Sam Cooke / Produced by Martyn Ware
  3. Let’s Stay Together (Live) 4:37
  4. Private Dancer (Live) 6:33
  5. From the UK 12" record / Previously Unreleased / Recorded at the Birmingham NEC, March 1985 / Produced by Terry Britten / Remixed by John Hudson
Tina Turner - Two People - Single

The music video shows Tina in the first scene sitting on a bed in an apartment. Later she wears a long coat, standing in front of a revolving door and walking down a street while it is raining. After she was looking for shelter in a telephone cabin, she changes her clothes and performs on stage in a nightclub.

As a special bonus, Tina produced also a „Hollywood“ version, in which she represents different characters. In this version, she don’t perform in a nightclub, but standing alone on stage of a big concert hall, wearing a beautiful white long dress.

Both videos were originally released on the What You See Is What You Get home video on VHS. In 2022, remastered versions have been included into the Break Every Rule (Deluxe Edition) on DVD.

Director: David Mallet
Producer: Jacqui Byford
Home Video: What You See Is What You Get / Break Every Rule (Deluxe Edition)
Time: 4:10 / 3:55 (Hollywood Version)

Tina Turner - Two People - Music Video

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