UK Tour (1984) • After the success with the single Let’s Stay Together, which charted at #6 at the end of 1983 in the UK, Tina started a sell out tour in England. Her newest single Help was also released just in time for this tour. The setlist includes some new songs like „Let’s Pretend We’re Married“ from Prince, „Out Of Time“ from The Rolling Stones and „Night Life“ from the band Foreigner. The concert in Den Bosch, Netherlands was the only one outside of the UK and was also broadcasted on tv. Right after this tour, Tina recorded her new album Private Dancer in London.

Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour

Tourbook - Front Cover

Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour

Tourbook - Back Cover


Cat People

Acid Queen

Let’s Pretend We’re Married

Hot Legs

Get Back

I’ll Be There Where The Heart Beats

Nutbush City Limits

Givin’ It Up For Your Love

Night Life

River Deep, Mountain High

Let’s Stay Together


Proud Mary

Hollywood Nights

Out Of Time

Tina Turner - Nice N Rough Concert Tour 1980 - 1983

band members
Kenny Moore: Pianist & Lead Vocals / James Ralston: Lead Guitar / Jack Bruno: Drums / Bob Feit: Bass Guitar / Chuck O'Steen: Keyboards & Vocals / Lejeune Richardson: Dancer & Backing Vocals / Annie Behringer: Dancer & Backing Vocals

Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour


Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour
Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour

… There has been an undying love affair between Tina Turner and the rock musicians of Great Britain ever since, and - being the great pals that they are - they all turn up to one another’s shows. "I don’t like to know when anyone is in the house because when I do it gets to me - I forget a line or something. Well, we were playing New York recently and Roger (her manager Roger Davies) was nervous and he was pacing around and saying, 'Darling is everything alright?' So I knew something was going on. After the show he said, 'Guess who’s here - Keith Richards and David Bowie.' I just started screaming and pictures were taken and it looked as though we were having a party, but there was no one else in the room except us."

"Afterwards we all got together and Keith played the piano and we pulled out some songs and Ronnie Wood came by and played guitar. Keith kept saying, 'I'll find you a hit - we’ve got thousands of tracks we’ve never used. Do you want to come to Paris tomorrow - we’ll cut some tracks?' I said. 'Keith. we’re in the middle of a tour,' but he just went, 'Come on over anyway - no one will mind‘." which is all a lot cosier than life ever was with Ike.

They were divorced, with Tina refusing to take a single cent of the money that she had earned for her husband over the years. The loss of that money was, she said, the price of her freedom. But the cost was even heavier than that because when she left her husband in Dallas, she was walking out in the middle of a tour, and a host of irate promoters who had paid advances and booked halls wanted their money back. Which is one of the reasons why she has been working on the road solidly for the past eight years, without even a record contract to support her until very recently, and also why her accounts only entered the black some six months ago.

In fact a lot of things have happened in the past six months. Her first single on Capitol Records "Let’s Stay Together" was released in Europe at the beginning of October. She appeared on "The Tube" t.v. programme in the U.K. and stunned everyone with the sheer force of her performance. She reminded people that Tina Tumer is as unique as she’s always been, and also introduced herself to a wealth of new fans. The impact was so great that when her "special" was shown just before Christmas the regular viewing figure was increased by over a million.

The record has become a hit in every European territory and reached number six in the U.K., and achieved well over 250,000 sales and a silver record.

She played a series of seven concerts at London’s Venue, which were super-sold-out, with people queueing outside long after every ticket was gone.

The lady continues to work hard and travel, and as she embarks on this tour of Britain is also happy to learn that "Let’s Stay Together" is now zooming up the charts in her native America.

In her own words - "people ask me when am I gonna slow down?? you know what I tell ’em - Just Getting Started!!!”

Which means we’re lucky enough to have a lot of Tina Turner to look forward to.

from the tourbook

Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour


Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour
Tina Turner - UK 1984 - Tour


27. St. Ausstell, Cornwall Colliseum (UK)
28. Windsor, Blazer's (UK)
30. Brighton, Top Rank Suite (UK)

01. Portsmouth, The Guildhall (UK)
02. Gloucester, Leisure Center (UK)
03. Ipswich, Gaumont Theater (UK)
04. Oxford, The Apollo Theater (UK)
05. Croydon, The Fairfield Hall (UK)
06. Wolverhampton, Civic Hall (UK)
08. Leicester, The De Montford Hall (UK)
09. Poole, The Arts Center (UK)
10. Bristol, The Colston Hall (UK)
11. Birmingham, The Odeon Theater (UK)
12. Cardiff, The St. David's Hall (UK)
14. Nottingham, The Royal Center (UK)
15. Northampton, Derngate Center (UK)
17. Den Bosch, Maaspoort (Netherlands)
18. Glasgow, The Apollo Theater (UK)
19. Aberdeen, The Capitol Theatre (UK)
20. Edinburgh, Playhouse Theatre (UK)
21. Newcastle, City Hall (UK)
22. Sheffield, City Hall (UK)
23. Stockport, Davenport Theatre (UK)
24. Southport, Southport Theatre (UK)
25. Lancaster, University (UK)
26. Boston, The Haven Theater (UK)
27. Harrogate, Civic Hall (UK)
28. Manchester, Apollo Theater (UK)

Tina Turner - UK 1984