Undercover Agent For The Blues is an American promotional single to promote the Foreign Affair album on R&B radio stations. The song was also the b-side on the single The Best and Tina performed it live at her Foreign Affair Tour in 1990 and at most of her following tours as a stripped-down accoustic version. A live version was released in 1990 on the Do You Want Some Action! home video. Undercover Agent For The Blues was released in 1989 from Capitol Records on 5“ CD.

The title of that got to me - "Undercover Agent". It sounds like a great movie as well. I’m always liking those sort of agent movies and the spies and all of that and I thought "Oh what a great video. Immediately.“ I’m not a commercially thinking person. I think immediately the performance of it. Oh the video would make a great hum, hum… I’m already gone producing it for what the video would be, of what it would be like to perform in the promotion of it. I just thought it was so great, that was lying there. It said something about "it must have been a season for the fools". There’s always seasons - the summer, the spring. Who would ever think up…his words. Every single line. I would like the people to read Tony Joe’s words. They’re just such…they’re so real and that’s what got me as well.

from the 'Foreign Affair' promotional interview

Tina Turner - Undercover Agent For The Blues - Promo

CD Promo (USA) - Label

1. Undercover Agent For The Blues 5:20

Written by Tony Joe White, L. White / Produced by Dan Hartman, Chris Lord-Alge, Tina Turner, Roger Davies


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Tina Turner - Undercover Agent For The Blues - Promo

Undercover Agent For The Blues


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