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Whatever You Want (1996)

Tina Turner - Whatever You Want - Single

Whatever You Want was the first single from the album Wildest Dreams in Europe, including some remixed versions from Todd Terry and Arthur Baker and is noted for it’s complex orchestral arrangement and production. Tina promoted the song at several TV-Shows and used it as the opening number at her Wildest Dreams Tour. A live version is available on the Live In Amsterdam home video from 1997. The CD digipack includes also remixed versions from the Massive Attack cover song Unfinished Sympathy, which was the encore song at the beginning of the tour. The single was not released in America.

Writer: Arthur Baker, Taylor Dayne, Fred Zarr
Producer: Trevor Horn
Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Design: Jeremy Plumb
Release: March 1996 
Label: Parlophone / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl / 5“ CD / Cassette 
Charts: UK: #23 / Europe: #23, #2 (Airplay) / Germany: #53
AlbumWildest Dreams

Tina Turner - Whatever You Want - Single
  1. Whatever You Want (Edit) 4:42
  2. Whatever You Want (Album Version) 6:03
  3. From the 5" disc
  4. Whatever You Want (Alternative Mix) 4:52
  5. From the 5" digipack
  6. Tee’s Frozen Sum Mix 6:41
  7. Todd Terry Mix 6:49
  8. Todd’s Rubber Dub 6:56
  9. From the 12" record / Remix by Todd Terry
  10. Arthur Baker Remix 6:31
  11. Arthur Baker Dub Mix 7:59
  12. Arthur Baker Landscape Mix 7:36
  13. Arthur Baker Massive Jungle Mix 8:06
  14. The Massive Jungle Mix 7:37
  15. From the 12" record / Additional Production & Remix by Arthur Baker / Mix Engineer: Mark Platinum / Programming: Mac Quayle / Additional Engineer: Paul Wright / Jungle Programming by A.K. Hunter alias Dubrush
    Additional tracks:
  1. Unfinished Sympathy (Remix) 4:40
  2. Unfinished Sympathy (Extended Olympic Mix) 8:18
  3. Previously Unreleased / Produced & Mixed by Garry Hughes
  4. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:27
  5. Taken from the album 'Wildest Dreams'
Tina Turner - Whatever You Want - Single

The music video is very futuristic and features Tina standing with a long dress in a round hall with 'Matrix' like special effects surrounding her. It was released as a special bonus on the Live In Amsterdam home video and is available on Tina’s official YouTube channel.

Director: Stéphane Sednaoui
Home VideoLive In Amsterdam
Time: 4:26

Tina Turner - Whatever You Want - Music Video

Eurocharts - March 16, 1996

The diva of soul makes sure to keep up with time; she will not be caught lagging behind. The production by Horn ensures both a contemporary techno sound, as well as the classic orchestration a voice like Tina's deserves.

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