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When The Heartache Is Over (1999)

Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over - Single

When The Heartache Is Over was the first single from the album Twenty Four Seven, produced by the Metro team, the same team behind Chers #1 single „Believe“. The song is Tina’s most remixed song ever with regular remixes from 7th Disctrict, Metro and Hex Hector as well as a lot of other DJ mixes. Tina promoted the song at several TV-Shows in Europe, at the Superbowl pre-game show in America and performed it live at her Twenty Four Seven Tour. A live version is available on the One Last Time home video from 2000. The single was officially released in America only on vinyl, while in Europe it was available in different formats depending on the country. A Brazilian promo record contains the additional track „Go Ahead“. The British dance band Freemasons used the lyrics from the chorus in 2005 for their single „Love On My Mind“.

PhotographerHerb Ritts 
Design: Jeremy Plumb
Release: October 1999 (Europe) / February 2000 (USA)
Label: Parlophone (Europe) / Virgin (USA)
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl / 5“ CD / Cassette / Digital
Charts: UK: #10 / Europe: #16, #2 (Airplay) / Germany: #23 / USA: #3 (Club Play)
AlbumTwenty Four Seven

Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over - Single
  1. When The Heartache Is Over 3:44
  2. Writer: Graham Stack, John Reid / Producer: Bryan Rawling, Mark Taylor / Engineered by Mark Taylor / Keyboards and Programming: Mark Taylor, Graham Stack / Guitars: Graham Stack / Backing Vocals: Tracy Ackerman, Andy Blackwood / Recorded & Mixed at Dreamhouse Studios, London
  3. Metro Mix 5:44
  4. 7th District Club Mix 5:11
  5. From the 5" disc / Remix by Metro, 7th Disctrict
  6. Hex Hector 12“ Vocal Mix 8:28
  7. Hex Hector 7“ Vocal Mix 3:26
  8. Hex Hector 12“ Instrumental 6:46
  9. Hex Hector Acapella 4:06
  10. From the 12" record / Remix by Hex Hector
  11. Hex Hector 12“ Just Drums Mix 5:00
  12. From the 12" promotional record
  13. Superchumbo Crystal Mix 9:41
  14. From the 12" (House Nation 206) from 2000 & DMC sampler 'Mixpack 21' / Mix by Tom Stephan / BMP 126
  15. Tina Turner vs. Alex Gaudino 5:16
  16. When The Heartache Is Over & Remember Me / From the DMC sampler 'Commercial Collection 450‘ from July 2020 / Mix by Bergwall / BPM 125
  17. Call Out Hook 0:10
  18. From the 5" promotional disc
    Additional tracks:
  1. I Can't Stand The Rain (Live) 3:24
  2. On Silent Wings (Live) 7:27
  3. From the 5" disc / Recorded live in Amsterdam 1996
Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over - Single

The music video features Tina dancing in front of a huge illuminated 'T I N A’ sign and video wall, together with some other dancers around her. The clip is available in several remixed and extended versions. It was released as a bonus on the Celebrate! home video and the promo sampler Hot Video features a remixed version.

Director: Paul Boyd
Producer: Danyi Deats
Choreographer: Tina Landon
ReleaseCelebrate! / YouTube
Time: 3:43 (Original Version) / 4:57 (Metro Superstar Remix) / 3:25 (Hex Hector Remix) / 4:01 (Hex Hector Extended Remix) / 3:48 (Metro Club Remix)

Tina Single-When-The-Heartache-Is-Over-Video

Billboard - December 04, 1999

The mighty Tina Turner returns with a song that is so scintillating, so accessible to today’s pop leanings, and so, well, that it can’t help but launch the third coming of this timeless superstar. Produced by Brian Rawling and Mark Taylor, the team that catapulted Cher back to fame via „Believe“ (and more recently, commandeered Enrique Iglesias’ „Bailamos“ and new „Rhythm Divine“), this number has similar energy, with a bright-eyed dance beat and production so tight and joyful that listeners will be pulled in by the first chorus and singing along by the last. The feat’s already been accomplished across Europe, where this song was an instantaneous smash. Lyrically, Turner sings of the joy of liberation from a love gone bad - once the heartache has passed. It’s a positive message that will bring in a new generation of pop listeners, while allowing adults to crack a smile and tap a toe to the worldwide return of one of contemporary music’s greatest achievers and most-cherished performers. From the forthcoming „Twenty Four Seven“.

Tina Turner - When The Heartache Is Over - Single

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