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When Tina Turner Came To Britain (2022)

Tina Turner - When Tina Turner Came To Britain - TV

When Tina Turner Came To Britain is a documentary about the inspirational story of Tina Turner’s 50 year relationship with the UK. It tells the story in her own words, using previously unheard interviews from the I, Tina sessions. It features also interviews with musicians like Martyn Ware, Glenn Gregory, PP Arnold, Arlene Phillips and Skin as well as with fans who shared her journey. From her first visit alongside Ike Turner, supporting the Rolling Stones in 1966, to her legendary 1983 career-changing appearance on The Tube with Heaven 17, Tina has always had a soft spot for the UK.

Release: December 25, 2022
Producer, Director: Dhivya Kate Chetty
Time: 59 Min.

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