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Wildest Dreams (1996)

Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Album

Wildest Dreams is the ninth solo studio album from Tina Turner with a total of six single releases. It contains the theme song for the movie Goldeneye, which was already a single in 1995, the two cover songs Missing You and Unfinished Sympathy and songs written by the Pet Shop Boys and Sheryl Crow. The title song In Your Wildest Dreams features guest vocals from Antonio Banderas on the European version and from Barry White on the North American release. Sting is also a special guest vocalist on the song On Silent Wings. The American version of the album was released with an alternate cover and some changes in the tracklist, including a hidden track. The Japanese edition includes the additional bonus track „Love Is A Beautiful Thing,“ from which a slightly shorter version is also available on the Diana Tribute album from 1997. While Tina was on tour, a Special Tour Edition was released, including remixes, non-album tracks and live recordings, recorded at the Amsterdam concert of her Wildest Dreams Tour.

For promotion, Parlophone Records in Europe released a Cassette Sampler as well as an Open Ended Interview on compact disc. Virgin Records in America released a NAC-Sampler and a Collector’s Edition, each with three songs from the album.

Photographer: Peter Lindbergh
Design: Jeremy Plumb @ Sonicon 
Release: April 1996 (Europe) / September 1996 (USA)
Label: Parlophone (Europe) / Virgin (USA)
Format: Vinyl / CD / Cassette / Digital
Charts: Germany: #2 / Europe: #2 / UK: #4 / USA: #61 (pop), #26 (r&b) / Australia: #14
Certifications: UK: 1x Gold, 2x Platinum / Germany: 1x Gold / 1x Platinum


    Side A
  1. Do What You Do 4:24
  2. Written by Graham Lyle, Terry Britten, Conner Reeves / Produced by Terry Britten
  3. Whatever You Want (Edit) 4:53
  4. Written by Arthur Baker, Taylor Dayne, Fred Zarr / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions / Single in 1996
  5. Missing You 4:37
  6. Written by John Waite, Charles Sanford, Mark Leonard / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions / Single in 1996
  7. On Silent Wings 6:12
  8. Written by Tony Joe White, James Ralston / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions / Single in 1996
  9. Thief Of Hearts 4:05
  10. Written by Jud Friedman, Hellmut Hattler, Joo Kraus, Allan Rich / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions
  11. In Your Wildest Dreams 5:34
  12. Written by Holly Knight, Mike Chapman / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions / Special Guest Vocalist: Antonio Banderas / Single in 1996
    Side B
  1. Goldeneye (Edit) 3:28
  2. Written by Bono, The Edge / Produced & Mixed by Nellee Hooper / Executive Producers: Bono & The Edge / Single in 1995
  3. Confidental 4:40
  4. Written by Neil Tennant, Chris Lowe / Produced by Pet Shop Boys & Chris Porter
  5. Something Beautiful Remains 4:20
  6. Written by Terry Britten, Graham Lyle / Produced by Terry Britten / Single in 1996
  7. All Kinds Of People 4:43
  8. Written by Sheryl Crow, Kevin Gilbert, Eric Pressley / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions
  9. Unfinished Sympathy 4:31
  10. Written by Robert Del Naja, Andrew Vowles, Grantley Marshall, Shara Nelson, Jonathan Sharp / Produced by Garry Hughes for Z Mnt / Promo in 1996
  11. Dancing In My Dreams 6:46
  12. Written by Mark Cawley, Kye Fleming, Brenda Russell / Produced by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions
Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - AlbumTina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Album


  1. Missing You 4:37
  2. Single release in 1996
  3. In Your Wildest Dreams 5:34
  4. Special Guest Vocalist: Barry White / Single release in 1996
  5. Whatever You Want (Edit) 4:53
  6. Do What You Do 4:24
  7. Thief Of Hearts 4:05
  8. On Silent Wings 6:12
  9. Single release in 1997
  10. Something Beautiful Remains 4:20
  11. Promo release in 1996
  12. Confidental 4:40
  13. The Difference Between Us 4:32
  14. Written by Camus Mare Celli, Nicola Holland, Andres Levan / Produced by Andres Levin and Camus Mare Celli For C-n-A Productions, from an original production by Trevor Horn for Horn Productions
  15. All Kind Of People 4:43
  16. Unfinished Sympathy 4:31
  17. Goldeneye 4:44
  18. Single release in 1995
  19. Dancing In My Dreams 6:46
  20. Something Beautiful Remains (Joe Urban Remix) 5:07
  21. Hidden Track / Remixed and arranged by Joe for Fade 2 Black Inc.
Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams - Album

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