IKE: Album (Studio)

Without Love…I Have Nothing (1997)

Ike Turner - Without Love...I Have Nothing

Without Love…I Have Nothing was Ike's try to establish his solo career, but unfortunately the album went largely unnoticed. He played almost all instruments and a majority of the vocals are done by him, except the background vocals on the track „I Don't Know Why I Love You,“ which were performed by his wife Jeanette.

Release: 1997
Label: C-YA
Format: CD

  1. Without Love 4:03
  2. Written by Danny Small
  3. I Gave You What You Wanted 4:06
  4. Written by Ike Turner
  5. My Sweet Black Angel 4:18
  6. Written by Lucille Bogan
  7. My Babe 3:49
  8. Written by Willie Dixon
  9. Early One Morning 3:32
  10. Written by Elmore James, Marshall E. Sehorn
  11. You Can’t Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) 4:24
  12. Written by Ike Turner
  13. Five Long Years 3:04
  14. Written by Eddie Boyd
  15. Show Me (How To Make Love To You) 3:34
  16. Written by Ike Turner
  17. Right On 4:37
  18. Written by Ike Turner
  19. I Don’t Know Why I Love You 4:37
  20. Written by Ike Turner
  21. A Love Like Yours 3:48
  22. Written by Holland, Dozier, Holland
  23. Rockin’ Blues 2:49
  24. Written by Ike Turner
  25. Southern California Swing 3:20
  26. Written by Ike Turner

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