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Zoomer (2018)

Tina Turner - Zoomer - Magazine

Issue from December 2018 / January 2019

Zoomer is a Canadian magazine for men and women with a mix of health, wellness, personal finance, travel and leisure, food and drink, politics  and sex, launched in 2008 and published six times a year. Tina was on the cover of the last issue of 2018, photographed by Bryan Adams and with the title story: „I’m One! Her fight for survival, her secret health battles & how love conquered all“, with Tina’s story back from Ike Turner to her comeback, her final concert tour, retirement, medical issues right after her marriage and the loss of her son Craig.

Pages: 7
Release: December 2018
Writer: Brian D. Johnson
Photographer: Bryan Adams
Language: English

Tina Turner - Zoomer - Magazine

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