Get It - Get It is the only album from the duo on the Cenco label. Released as a single was only the title track, but it includes also two previously released singles. The album was originally released in 1966 from Cenco Records in America on vinyl. In 1970, it was reissued from Capitol Records under the different title Her Man…His Woman with strings and horns overdubs.

Ike & Tina Turner - Get It, Get It - Album
Ike & Tina Turner - Get It, Get It - Album

A1. Get It - Get It 3:34

Written by Ike Turner
Single release in 1967

A2. I Believe 2:23

Written by Elmo James

A3. I Can’t Believe What You Say 2:10

Written by Ike Turner
Single release in 1964

A4. My Babe 2:02

Written by Willie Dixon

A5. Strange 2:39

Written by Billy Preston
Single release in 1963

B1. You Weren’t Ready (For My Love) 2:39

Written by Ike Turner

B2. That’s Alright 3:05

Written by Jimmy Rogers

B3. Rooster 2:16

Written by Ike Turner

B4. Five Long Years 2:42

Written by Ike Turner

B5. The Things I Used To Do 2:26

Written by E. Jones

All tracks: Produced by Ike Turner

Ike & Tina Turner - Get It, Get It - Album
Ike & Tina Turner - Get It, Get It - Album

Liner Notes


Ike Turner a man that not near enough has been said or written about this great artist, creator, writer, producer and director. The man does it all so well and believes so strongly in his own ideas that he will buck trends with them and win.

In my estimation he is not only a true artist and creator but a true believer in the things that win. For ideas formulated into winning items are truly the things worth believing in and fighting for.

Ike Turner has not only repeatedly proven his ability as a writer a producer and a director, all you have to do is to see his show once. It's entertaining an education, ladies and gentlemen it's an EXPLOSION.

Tina Turner the darling Queen of show business. She's a personality, she's lovable, and she can do it all so well. It's difficult to describe the many talents that this young lady has so frequently displayed on stage.

She does it so beautifully thats why ladies and gentlemen you could say SHE'S A BOLT OF LIGHTENING.


Simply'n sweaty...moaning and groaning to the primordial rhythms of life... Tina Turner struts her fast and torturously slow and erotic...the men in the audience go crazy...they love it...they love her...Tina is sexTina is desire, Tina is what lust for the raw energies of existence is all about. After Ike & Tina Turner blow your mind theres not much else left. Ike & Tina Turner...Get It-Get It!!!!!!!!!!


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Ike & Tina Turner - Get It, Get It - Album

Get It - Get It


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