TINA: Duet

Andy Williams (1969 - '70)

Tina Turner & Andy Williams - Duet

Andy Williams was the host of The Andy Williams Show, in which Ike & Tina have been three times guests for promotion. In 1969 and again in 1970, Tina performed the song „City Girl, Country Man“ together with Andy Williams as a wonderful duet. A studio version was only released on an one sided promo acetate in 1972 and it was first officially released on the rarities sampler His Woman, Her Man in 2004. The song is a cover version of the Billy Vera and Judy Clay single from 1968 with the slightly different title „Country Girl, City Man“.

September 26, 1970
City Girl Country Man (Live)

March 19, 1969
City Girl Country Man (Live)

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