IKE & TINA: Photographer

Barry Levine

Tina Turner - Barry Levine - Photographer

Barry Levine’s clean and dirty (delete where not applicable) photos for the 'New Musical Express'

Barry Levine is an American Film & Music Producer, Publisher and Rock & Roll & Art Photographer. In 1975, the pictures from a photo session with Tina Turner were used for the November issue of the New Musical Express magazine.

„I did a session for the English rock magazine of Tina Turner who was still with Ike in 1975 but left him in 76. This was my first photo session after my return from living in England. Ironically Ike became my brother in law after marrying my wife’s sister Audrey Madison who replaced Tina as his singer. Audrey cleaned him up but after nine years he fell apart to long a story but will be in my book someday.“