IKE & TINA: Photographer

Bill King

Tina Turner - Bill King - Photographer

Photographed by Bill King for 'Harper's Bazaar' in 1972

Bill King was an American fashion photographer, born in the Netherlands Antilles and raised in New Jersey. King had his own business, the Bill King Studio, at 100 Fifth Avenue and in the late 1970s, he was a regular at Studio 54 in New York. His work appeared in every fashion magazine of his day such as Vogue.

In 1972, he photographed Tina Turner for the April issue of „Harper’s Bazaar“ and some pictures of the photo session (with Tina wearing a dress by Kasik Wong) were also used for the cover of Ike & Tina Turner’s album Feel Good.

Moves like a megaton, so libido ignites
Voice burns up the air, body gyrates in space
Tina's here singing her guts out for you

Tina Turn On is Tina Turner, convulsive, compulsive singing and dancing conveyor of the sex message, helping the world understand how energy became atomic. In an hour's performance, Tina uses up to at least 350 calories; offstage her energy demands almost as much. She is the original female powerhouse, emitting the most erotic scent of al--- that of mother earth.

From Harper’s Bazaar magazine

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