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Blick is a Swiss German-language daily newspaper and online news website, covering current affairs, entertainment, sports and lifestyle. In 2014, Tina gave an exclusive interview in which she talks about her new job for Swisscom, punctuality, shopping and the German language. Tina’s husband Erwin Bach was present for the interview and when Tina was unsure of an answer, she looked at him, calling him simply „Darling“. At the end of the interview, both are leaving like young lovers.

You choose your public appearances very selectively - how did Swisscom manage to win you as an ambassador for the "iO App"?
I was delighted when Swisscom asked me to work with them. I like to communicate and with iO I stand for a product that stands for Swiss quality. It's easy to use and my data is secure. That is important to me. I have to be able to rely on my photos, text messages and address book staying with me.

Which mobile phone do you use?
I often shared my husband's mobile phone. Now I have my own, of course with iO on it.

Would you sometimes rather not be reachable by mobile phone?
I live a private life and don't like to expose myself. But I like having the freedom to decide when I am reachable or not.

Technological development is advancing rapidly. How do you manage to keep up?
I only keep up with technical innovations that make my life easier. I watch TV, listen to the radio. And my husband also makes sure that I stay up to date. (She laughs)

You have been Swiss since 2012 - what is Swiss about you?
(She laughs heartily) The Swiss are always punctual. I had to learn that because I like to be "fashionably late". I also don't like to wait for others. In the meantime, I have a good grip on punctuality. And I have a red passport!

Do you also speak German?
I'm still learning, but I'm getting better every day - and more Swiss.

What do you appreciate most about living here?
From the first moment, I loved nature, the fresh air that lets me breathe freely. And the Swiss way. My privacy is respected. I feel safe here.

What does safety mean to you?
It is absolutely fundamental for me. Many celebrities have to deal with stalkers. I never had that problem in Switzerland. I have found peace of mind here.

Can you walk through Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse without being recognised?
You can be sure that I go shopping in Zurich. And most people don't recognise me! My secret is: I speak very little, and preferably no English! As soon as you speak a foreign language, people take notice. As an entertainer, you learn to shine and also to make yourself invisible.

What don't you like about Switzerland?
There is absolutely nothing - I was sure of that before I handed in my US passport in 2013. I have everything I need here. I feel comfortable here. I don't need to travel the world anymore. I have found my dream house and my home.

But there must be something that bothers you!
At most that some Swiss don't appreciate enough how beautiful they have it here. It's only when you've travelled or been away that you realise how beautiful Switzerland is.

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