TINA: Guest Vocals (Album)

Eros (1997)

Tina Turner & Eros Ramazzotti - Eros - Album

Eros is a greatest hits album from the Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti , featuring the duet Cose Della Vita with Tina Turner. Eros re-recorded this song especially for this album with his part in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese and Tina’s self-written part in English. A live version was released one year later on the album Eros Live, recorded at the Eros & Friends Tour, with Tina as a guest vocalist at some concerts.

Release: October 1997
Label: BMG
Format: CD

  1. Cose Della Vita (Italian Version) 4:48
  2. Cosas De La Vida (Spanish Version) 4:48
  3. Coisas De Vida (Portuguese Version) 4:48
  4. Written by Eros Ramazzotti, A. Cogliati, James Ralston, Tina Turner / Produced by Eros Ramazzotti / Single in 1998

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