IKE & TINA: Album (Sampler)

Greatest Hits - Volume Three (1989)

Ike & Tina Turner - Greatest Hits (Volume Three) - Album

Greatest Hits - Volume Three is not really a greatest hits album, but a sampler featuring many previously unreleased songs and instrumentals as well as alternate versions of original Ike & Tina Turner tracks. This album is part of a three disc set. All songs were also released on different titled records like 40 Rare Recordings.

Producer: Ike Turner, Herb Moelis
Design: Jodi Rovin
Illustration: Earl Keleny
: 1989
Label: Saja
Format: CD / Cassette

  1. Feel It (aka Don’t Fight It, Feel It) 2:01
  2. Written by Sam Cooke / Previously Unreleased
  3. Knock On Wood 2:34
  4. Written by Steve Cropper, Eddy Floyd / Previously Unreleased
  5. Money 2:34
  6. Written by J. Bradford, B. Gordy Jr. / Previously Unreleased
  7. Lean On Me 3:07
  8. Written by W. Harrison, B. Whithers / Original version on the album 'The Edge'
  9. Tuff Looked Up 3:52
  10. Written: Unknown / Previously Unreleased
  11. It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (Alternative Version) 2:18
  12. Written by Rosemary McCay, Joe Seneca / Original version on the album 'It’s Gonna Work Out Fine'
  13. Get Back (Alternative Version) 2:47
  14. Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney / Original version on the album 'Workin’ Together'
  15. Tweedlee Dee 3:23
  16. Written by W. Scott / Previously Unreleased with unknown lead vocals
  17. Stagger Lee 2:43
  18. Written by Harold Logan, Lloyd Price / Previously Unreleased
  19. White On White (Instrumental) 4:15
  20. Written by B. Ross, L. Crane / Previously Unreleased
  21. Doo Wah Ditty aka That’s The City (Alternative Version) 4:39
  22. Written by Rhonda Graam / Original version on the 'Up In Heah' single b-side
  23. Drift Away 3:11
  24. Written by Menior Williams / From the album 'Nutbush City Limits'

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