IKE & TINA: Single

I’m Jealous (1961)

Ike & Tina Turner - I'm Jealous - Single

I’m Jealous was taken from the album The Soul of Ike & Tina, but missed the Hot 100 and reached only the Bubbling Under chart at #117. The b-side track You’re My Baby was already a single in 1960.

Writer: Ike Turner
Producer: Ike Turner
Release: January 1961
Label: Sue
Format: 7“ Vinyl 
AlbumThe Soul of Ike & Tina Turner

  1. I’m Jealous 2:15
  2. You’re My Baby 2:23
Ike & Tina Turner - I'm Jealous - Single

Billboard - January 30, 1961

Two solid sides. On top, the gal half of the duo goes it alone on a wonderfully effective gospel-inspired performance. Much excitement here. The flip features the duo on a good blues-based ballad. Either side here with an edge to the first. Sides also have pop potential. (SUE 740)

CashBox - February 04, 1961

Pick of the week: Twosome, having clicked with „A Fool In Love“ and „I Idolize You,“ seem to have their third-in-a-row dual mart’er in „I’m Jealous.“ It’s a shufflin’ blueser featuring Tina at her wailing best. Ike’s instrumentalists and the gal chorus lend a solid backdrop. The coupler, „You’re My Baby,“ is another rhythmic shuffler with loads of appeal. (SUE 740)

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