IKE & TINA: Album (Studio)

Let Me Touch Your Mind (1973)

Ike & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - Album

Let Me Touch Your Mind was recorded at Ike’s Bolic Sound studio in July 1972 and features two tracks written by Tina Turner. The album was originally released with a very special deluxe foldout cover, designed and with many artistic pictures from Norman Seeff. He photographed Ike & Tina as well as Tina solo many times. The title track Let Me Touch Your Mind was the only worldwide single, while Annie Had A Baby was only released in Portugal. The song Early One Morning was only promoted in America and was the b-side on the European single With A Little Help From My Friends. The track „Born Free“ was taken from the same named Columbia motion picture. The album was re-issued on the double CD Workin’ Together / Let Me Touch Your Mind in 2011.

Producer: Ike Turner, Andre Williams
Recorded: Bolic Sound, July 1972
Design: Norman Seeff, Dave Bhano
Release: January 1973 / 2011 (CD)
Label: United Artists / BGO (CD)
Format: Vinyl (Gatefold) / Cassette / Cartridge / Reel Tape / CD

    Side A
  1. Let Me Touch Your Mind 4:08
  2. Written by Oliver Sain / Single release in 1972
  3. Annie Had A Baby 2:43
  4. Written by H. Glover, L. Mann / Single in 1973
  5. Don’t Believe Her 2:47
  6. Written by Ike Turner
  7. I Had A Notion 2:42
  8. Written by J. Morris
  9. Popcorn 3:04
  10. Written by Tina Turner
    Side B
  1. Early One Morning 3:33
  2. Written by Little Richard / Single in 1973
  3. Help Him 3:38
  4. Written by Tina Turner
  5. Up On The Roof 2:53
  6. Written by G. Goffin, C. King
  7. Born Free 3:18
  8. Written by J. Barry, D. Black / From the Columbia motion picture "Born Free"
  9. Heaven Help Us All 3:09
  10. Written by R. Miller
Ike & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - AlbumIke & Tina Turner - Let Me Touch Your Mind - Album

Billboard - February 03, 1973

Just about the same thing can be said about the latest Ike & Tina album as about their other recent-vintage successes on UA. It is burningly energetic soul with Tina's uniquely sexy showmanship way out front on display, in a well-conceived program of Turner originals and covers. Duos next hit could be the slow-cooking title tune or Tina's lecture on mating „Help Him“. Jacket packaging is a unique foldout poster with computer-processed abstractions.

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