Live at Circus Krone includes the recording of a sell out show at the Circus Krone in Munich, Germany from Ike & Tina’s 1973 European tour. The concert took place on November 03, just before Ike’s birthday. At the same time, The Rolling Stones were in town, because they recorded a new album and Mick Jagger watched the whole show from backstage. Unfortunately, two songs from the tracklist are not live: Baby, Get It On is a different version with lead vocals from Ike and Nutbush City Limits is the well known single version. The album was released in 2003 from ZYX Music in Europe on compact disc.

ike & Tina Turner - Live at Circus Krone - Album

CD (Germany) - Front Cover

ike & Tina Turner - Live at Circus Krone - Album

CD (Germany) - Back Cover

1. Theme From Shaft (Live Instrumental) 5:17

Written by I. Hayes

2. I Gotcha (Live) 4:02

Written by J. Tex / Lead vocals by The Ikettes

3. Introduction 1:12

4. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Live) 2:16

Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney

5. Annie Had A Baby (Live) 3:16

Written by H. Glover, L. Mann

6. Don’t Fight It (Live) 2:36

Written by W. Picket, S. Cropper

7. Get Back (Live) 3:22

Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney

8. Games People Play (Live) 3:10

Written by J. South

9. I Can’t Turn You Loose (Live) 2:54

Written by Otis Redding

10. I Want To Take You Higher (Live) 2:47

Written by S. Stewart

11. River Deep, Mountain High (Live) 2:17

Written by Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich

12. Come Together (Live) 3:32

Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney

13. Proud Mary (Live) 6:26

14. Encore of Proud Mary (Live) 2:32

Written by John C. Fogerty

15. Pick Me Up (Take Me Where Your Home Is) (Live) 4:19

Written by Ike Turner

16. With A Little Help From My Friends (Live) 3:04

Written by John Lennon, Paul McCartney

17. Honky Tonk Women (Live) 3:01

Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards

18. Respect (Live) 4:24

Written by Steve Cropper

Tina Turner: vocals
Edna Richardson, Marcey Thomas, Ester Jones: lkettes

The Family Vibes are:
Edward Burks: trombone / Jimmy Smith: tenor sax / Claude Williams: trumpet & bandleader / J.D. Reed: sax & reeds / Mack Johnson: trumpet / Soko Richardson: drums / Jackie Clark: guitar / Larry Reed: tenor sax & piano / Warren Dawson: bass / Ike Turner: organ (in general & whatever was needed, especially Fender guitar)

All songs arranged by Ike Turner
Produced by Ike Turner & Gerhard Augustin
Executive producer: Gerhard Augustin
Photos by Norman Seef

Liner Notes

1973 - That was the time, when Ike &Tina Turner had reached their heights of popularity in Europe. With four major world hits in the back, the Ike & Tina Turner Review had become household word. There was really nobody left in the world that hadn't heard about this wonderful American show-couple, that came to Europe every year and who appeared on almost any major television show in 1973. "River Deep - Mountain High", "A Fool In Love", "l ldolize You", "Proud Mary" and "Nutbush City Limits". Church House, Outhouse, Ginhouse - it all came together.

Germany was their territory and Munich had become a second home for Ike & Tina Turner. The Record Company was located here and they felt home and had made a lot of friends in Germany. Their following was become unnumerable - wherever they went, Ike & Tina were followed by the press and their fans.

Than the European Tour 1973: From Kopenhagen to London, from Paris to Belgrade - Yugoslavia. 46 cities and 46 sell out shows - all over Europe. Munich - Nov. 3rd, 1973. Just before Ike's Birthday - Scorpio -, "The Circus Krone show". 

The Rolling stones were in town, since they where recording their EXILE on Main Street Album at the Musicland Studios in Munich. Mick and Ike & Tina had been close friends for many years - since 1965 when their "River Deep Mountain High" record hit the English charts and Ike & Tina were touring Great Britain with the Rolling Stones.

The Circus was a total sell-out and you couldnā€˜t get one more person into the joint. Mick Jagger was backstage and stood on the right side of the stage for the whole concert and was watching Tina - like he was watching himself.

The show was great - you can hear it right on this record - and you can feel it too. The party that was celebrating the event - was lasting for three more days - with all the Rolling Stones and their friend Billy Preston present at the Munich-Hilton Hotel. We all had a great time.

Nothing else to say, but listen to this, never before released record and listen to the sound of IKE & TINA TURNER in 1973.


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ike & Tina Turner - Live at Circus Krone - Album

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