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Look Me In The Heart (1990)

Tina Turner - Look Me In The Heart - Single

Look Me In The Heart is a pop song, taken from the album Foreign Affair. It’s the third single release in America and the fourth one in Europe, including remixed versions from Bryan 'Chuck' New. As a special bonus, the 12“ maxi single contains a giant poster and the gatefold CD includes the „Tina Turner Montage Mix“ with songs from her previously released albums. Tina promoted the song on French TV and performed it live only at the opening night of her Foreign Affair Tour in Antwerp. The single was not released in Germany, but was issued digitally worldwide in 2020.

Writer: Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg
Producer: Dan Hartman
Remix: Bryan 'Chuck' New
Release: February 1990 (USA) / July 1990 (UK) / 2020 (Digital)
Label: Capitol / EMI
Format: 7“ Vinyl / 12“ Vinyl /  5“ CD / Cassette / Digital
Charts: USA: #8 (A/C), UK: #31
AlbumForeign Affair

Tina Turner - Look Me In The Heart - Single
  1. Look Me In The Heart 3:43
  2. Look Me In The Heart (12“ Remix) 5:26
  3. From the 7" & 12" record
  4. Look Me In The Heart (Instrumental) 3:39
  5. From the 5" disc
    Additional tracks:
  1. Steel Claw (Live) 4:34
  2. Previously Unreleased / From the European release / Written by Paul Brady / Produced by Terry Britten
  3. Stronger Than The Wind 4:34
  4. Previously Unreleased / From the American & Australian release / Written by Essra Mohawk, T. Sciuto / Produced by Nick Glennie-Smith, Roger Davies / Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge
  5. The Tina Turner Montage Mix 8:54
  6. From the UK 5" disc / Tracks: I Can’t Stand The Rain, Two People, We Don’t Need Another Hero,What’s Love Got To Do With It, Typical Male, Let’s Stay Together / Mixed by Les "The Mixdoctor" Adams for DMC Productions
Tina Turner - Look Me In The Heart - Single

The music video is very colorful with Tina wearing a purple suit, dancing around together with some people in crazy costumes. The clip was originally released on the Foreign Affair EP on VHS and later on the Simply The Best video collection on DVD. It’s also available as a HD remastered version on Tina’s official YouTube channel and on the Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition).

Director: Paula Walker
Producer: Line Postmyr
Home Video: Foreign Affair EP / Simply The Best / Foreign Affair (Deluxe Edition)
Time: 3:38

Tina Single-Look-Me-In-The-Heart-Video

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