TINA: Television (Campaign)

Mundo Livre FM (2016)

Tina Turner - Mundo Livre FM - TV

Mundo Livre FM is a Brazilian radio station which produced the campaign „A Loud Attitude About Violence Against Woman“ in August 2016 on print media and TV together with Tina Turner. At the same time, the campaign „A Loud Attitude Against Sexual Abuse“ was produced together with Axl Rose from the band Guns N' Roses, because he was abused by his father as a child. 

In her first marriage, Tina Turner was severely battered, was raped and had cigarette burns on her body. After sixteen years, she broke the silence, left her abusive husband and got over it through music. Tina Turner released more than 10 albums in her career. She is considered the Queen of Rock and, by many critics, one of the 10 best artists of all time. Just like Tina Turner, Mundo Livre supports a loud attitude about violence against women. And you, what is your attitude?

Agency: Candy Shop
Creative & Art Director
: Bruno Regalo
: Loco Filmes
: Bruno Slqueira
Sound Studio
: Canja Audio Culture

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