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Tina with her 'Mad Max' dress

Norma Moriceau was an Australian costume designer, best known for the post-apocalyptic leather-fetish biker warrior costumes she designed for „Mad Max 2“ in 1981 and Mad Max (Beyond Thunderdome) in 1985. She won three 'Australian Film Institute Awards‘ in the category 'Best Costume Design' for the movies „Newsfront,“ „Fatty Finn“ and „Mad Max 2“. For Tina Turner she designed the heavy well-know silver-chain dress she wore as 'Aunty Entity' in Mad Max 3.

The dress Moriceau concocted for Entity (Tina Turner) is an expressionist classic: a 32kg soldered amalgam of dog muzzles, coat hangers and chicken wire, the whole overlaid with gleaming chain-mail butcher aprons and accessorised with pendulant auto-spring earrings.

Rolling Stone Magazine

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