On The Road 1971-72 is a home video from the legendary American author and photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadja. Bob saw Ike & Tina for the first time at the tv show „Sam and Dave“ and was totally mesmerized. After that, he took the first photos from the duo at the Honka Monka Club in Queens. Several days later, he showed the pictures to his friends at another Ike & Tina concert, while Ike was behind him. Ike liked what he saw and showed them to Tina in the dressing room, which was the beginning of the relationship between Bob Gruen and Ike & Tina Turner. One year later he took the first cover photo with Tina. Bob bought a Sony Portapac video recorder, which filmed in black & white and with mono sound. Weekdays they were in Ike’s Bolic Sound studio or filming Tina and the kids in their home. Weekends they went on the road to various shows. Later, Ike bought a 16mm film camera, so they could make color footage. On this home video, we can see very rare video recordings from Ike & Tina Turner live on the road, in the studio, at home, in the dressing room and kidding at the airport. It was released in November 2012 from MVC Visual on DVD.

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Ike Turner - On The Road - Video

DVD - Front Cover

Ike Turner - On The Road - Video

DVD - Back Cover


1. Open / River Deep, Mountain High

2. Home Life

3. Tonight Show 1972 / Pick Me Up

4. Studio / Oh Devil / Gulf Coast Blues / Travel

5. Ikettes: Shake A Tail Feather / There Was A Time

6. On The Road / I Heard It Through The Grapevine / Respect

7. Tina’s Premonition / A Love Like Yours

8. The 70’s / The Revue / Under The Weather

9. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long

10. Wayne Cochran: Try A Little Tenderness

11. Proud Mary

12. Backstage

13. Interview with Tina

14. I Smell Trouble

15. Wheelchair Races / Dressing Room

16. Instrumental Theme Song / Choreography

17. I Want To Take You Higher / Close

18. Credits

Bonus: Diashow

Ike Turner - On The Road - Video

DVD - Label

IN THE EARLY '70s, legendary rock photographer Bob Gruen and his wife Nadya toured with Ike & Tina, filming them performing on the road and behind the scenes. Now for the first time ever this footage is available to the public.

Ike & Tina: On The Road: 1971-72 is a look inside a hardworking band as well as an iconic couple. In addition to simply awesome renditions of Ike & Tina classics, we also get a glimpse of the group at work in the recording studio, Tina and the Ikettes practicing their dance routines, goofing around on airplanes and in airports, and even at home with their kids.

A lot has been written about Ike and Tina's relationship over the years. But for many years, they were able to coexist together in the public eye, and in the process, create some of the most exciting and gripping soul/rock music ever recorded.

"What's Love Got To Do With It? shows why Ike and Tina Turner broke up," says Gruen. "This film shows why they were together for twenty years before that."

PREBOOK DATE: 10/16/12
STREET DATE: 11/20/12

Ike Turner - On The Road - Video


Ike Turner - On The Road - Video
Ike Turner - On The Road - Video

A Film by Bob Gruen and Nadja Beck
Produced by Bob Gruen and Rick Fuller
Executive Producer Ed Seaman
Video & Audio Recorded by Bob Gruen and Nadya Beck
Edited by Dan Jagunich
Assistant Editor Allison Labonne
Post Facility Jagged Edge
Restoration and Color Correction Volt Studios
Executive Producer Charlie Lach
Creative Director Steve Medin
Smoke Artist Chris Chiabotti
Dlame Artist Randy Gackstetter
VFX Designers John Chadbourn, Amer Navarette
Autio Mastering Carl White


Ike Turner - On The Road - Video


Ike Turner - Nutbush City Limits - Video

Nutbush City Limits


Ike Turner - On The Road - Video

On The Road