IKE & TINA: Commercial

Pearl Drops (1972)

Ike & Tina Turner - Dr. Pepper - Commercial

Pearl Drops is a whitening toothpaste, founded in 1968 from a dentist, after his wife bemoaned the lack of home whitening products. In four short years after the birth of Pearl Drops’ innovating tooth whitening polish, Pearl Drops had already become a favourite amongst America’s rich and famous. It proved so popular that convincing pop culture idol of the time, Tina Turner, to feature in a television advert was a breeze. The ad proved just as effective as the product itself, launching the brand into the public eye… and into bathroom cabinets across the country.

Tina did this very special commercial in 1972, and it seems like she and her toothpaste friend might want to be alone for a while… It’s a little bit like the toothpaste is her microphone, while she performs I’ve Been Loving You Too Long.

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