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Sacrée Soirée (1989 - 1991)

Tina Turner - Sacree Soiree - TV


Sacrée Soirée was the most popular television show in the 80’s in France, broadcasted on TF1 from 1987 to 1994 every wednesday evening. Tina was twice guest to promote her recent records and was both times interviewed by the host Jean-Pierre Foucault. In 1989, she was asked to participate in a magic trick on the set, which resulted in a big surprise, when a man from the audience was „transformed“ into the fashion designer Azzedine Alaia. He designed many clothes for Tina and was a good friend of her.

Interview / Gold disc for the album 'Simply The Best’ / Way Of The World (Playback)

Look Me In The Heart (Playback) / Interview

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