IKE & TINA: Video (Live / Special)

The Ike & Tina Turner Show (1986)

Ike & Tina Turner - The Ike & Tina Turner Show - Video

The Ike & Tina Turner Show features selected (but unfortunately edited) performances from Ike & Tina Turner’s appearance at the Cesars Palace, Las Vegas in 1971. As a special bonus, there is also a rare behind the scenes look with an interview in the dressing room between the songs.

Producer: Skip Taylor, John Hartman, Jackie Barnett
Director: Jack Tellander
Release: April 30, 1986
Label: Vestron
Format: VHS / Beta / LaserDisc
Time: 21 Min.

  1. Intro 0:15
  2. Sweet Soul Music (Live) 1:15
  3. Written by Sam Cooke, Otis Reeding
  4. Interview 0:38
  5. I Want To Take You Higher (Live) 1:20
  6. Written by Sylvester Stewart
  7. Interview 1:00
  8. Honky Tonk Women (Live) 2:10
  9. Written by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
  10. Everyday People (Live) 1:50
  11. Written by Sylvester Stewart / Lead vocals by The Ikettes
  12. Interview 1:00
  13. I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (Live) 1:45
  14. Written by Otis Reeding, J. Butler
  15. Interview 0:20
  16. A Love Like Yours (Live) 1:50
  17. Written by Holland, Dozier, Holland
  18. Interview 1:40
  19. Proud Mary (Live) 5:00
  20. Written by John C. Fogerty
  21. Credits / I Want To Take You Higher (Live) 1:00
Ike & Tina Turner - The Ike & Tina Turner Show - Video

Billboard - March 22, 1986

Collectors - edition quality - superstar TINA TURNER in a power-packed stage show. Classic IKE and TINA hits, including „Honky Tonk Woman,“ „Everyday People,“ „Proud Mary“ and more! Red hot dancing and bravura vocals by the original godmother of soul. A rare, behind-the scenes look at IKE and TINA's on- and off-stage relationship.

CashBox - May 10, 1986

The Ike and Tina Turner Show - Vestron Musicvideo $18.95. This 21-minute sampling of the sizzling Ike and Tina act of the late ’60s is a fascinating reminder of where the now-anointed Tina Turner once stood in relationship to her career and her husband. Captured during a Ceasars Palace gig, the pair are interviewed between snipets of performances of such songs as „Proud Mary,“ „Everyday People,” „Honky Tonk Woman,” and „Sweet Soul Music“. When asked what her plans are for the future, Tina replies, “I don’t have any plans. My plans are lke’s plans (to achieve success.)” Performance value is muddled by stylish photography and aging tape, still, the piece is a must-have for Turner fans.

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