Twenty Four Seven - Interview is a promotional disc with a Tina Turner interview about her new album Twenty Four Seven. Tina is asked about the songs, producers and her tour plans, including some tracks from the album. The Interview was taken at various locations in America and was released in 1999 from Parlophone Records in Europe on compact disc.

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Interview

CD Promo - Front Cover

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Interview

CD Promo - Back Cover with Sticker

1. Was this new album always in the master plan?

In: No it wasn’t...
Out: …here I am.
Dur: 0:50

2. What’s the album called?

In: The title of the album...
Out: … of the album.
Dur: 0:29

3. What about the style of the record. Is it different?

In: This album...
Out: …right for today.
Dur: 0:32

4. You’ve been working with some new producers, notably the London team of Brian Rawlings and Mark Taylor, aka Metro...

In: Oh, the Metro Boys
Out: … the Metro Boys
Dur: 1:05

5. Any singles on this album?

In: The first single...
Out: … about life.
Dur: 0:25
(Track: „When The Heartache is Over“)

6. As well es dance stuff, surely there are ballads on the record...

In: There’s one song...
Out: … I Love the album
Dur: 0:20

7. Another new name to many listeners will be Johnny Douglas, who has produced five tracks on the „Twenty Four Seven“ CD. How did you meet up with him?

In: Well when I was...
Out: …material from him.
Dur: 1:22
(Track: „All The Woman“)

8. A name that is somewhat more familiar is Terry Britten, writer of some of Tina’s great hit songs. You’re presumably happy to be back in harness with TB?

In: Well I’m working...
Out: …it’s good.
Dur: 0:23
(Track: Absolutely Nothing’s Changed)
The next two pieces would „wrap“ round the track „Falling“, to make a complete speech/music/speech segment.

9. Any more stuff with Terry Britten?

In: Yes, we’re doing...
Out: … very good.
Dur: 0:20
Segue to track „Falling“.

10. …Segue to ...

In: The Track „Falling“...
Out: …we got it.
Dur: 0:19

11. Can we hope to see any guests appearing on the album?

In: On this particular...
Out: … show as well
Dur: 0:25
(Track: „Without You“)

12. Has the Tina Turner audience changed over the years?

In: My audience...
Out: … pleases me a lot.
Dur: 0:29

13. So we approach the Millennium. A new album and a new century: this must mean a new Tina Turner Tour...

In: Well to think...
Out: … as well.
Dur: 0:45

14. So who’s in the band?

In: Well for the tour...
Out: …and these girls.
Dur: 1:24

Tina Turner - Twenty Four Seven - Interview

CD Promo - Label

This interview disc is to be used with the Tina Turner 'Twenty Four Seven' album.

The following material, 14 cuts in all, is taken from interviews conducted with Tina Turner in various locations in the USA earlier this year. Ins and outs are given in all cases with durations and suggested album tracks to follow.

The new album is called "Twenty Four Seven" and is released by Parlophone on November 1st.


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